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  • Clause 1 - Acceptance of terms
  • 1.1 Use of the Forum, including the private messaging service, indicates your acceptance of these Forum Terms & Conditions of Use as well as the Time Inc. (UK) Ltd. terms and conditions (which can be found here).
    1.2 Use of registrant's email address: When you register for the YBW forums you'll automatically be added to our twice-weekly YBW newsletter mailing list and Boats for Sale mailing list. You will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from the email newsletter via the unsubscribe message in the email.

  • Clause 2 - Advertising
  • 2.1 Companies/individuals must not use the Forum to advertise, promote or market goods or services, subject to the exclusions below.
    2.2 Individuals may include a link to a classified advert in their Forum signature. This ONLY applies to classified adverts placed on Time Inc (UK) Ltd websites. Links to adverts on other websites are not allowed and will be considered a breach of forum terms & conditions.
    2.3 Registered users of the forum may use the For Sale/Wanted area of the forum and in compliance with the posting rules & guidelines therein.

  • Clause 3 - User accounts
  • 3.1 Users can only register one username per email address. A single user account can be used to access the forum from multiple devices with Internet access.
    3.2 Users are not permitted to register multiple usernames, one forum account per individual. Anyone who registers a second username may have their access to the forum permanently disabled. (See clause 6).
    3.3 reserves the right to remove access to the Forum for any Users who mimic another User's identity and/or register identities of a similar or identical nature or name to persons in the public eye.
    3.4 encourages Users to leave their real email address so others can contact them directly if they so wish - your email address will not be revealed to the sender.

  • Clause 4 - Users Obligations
  • 4.1 Like the rest of society, Users of the Forum should adhere to basic standards and nothing false or misleading should be posted.
    4.2 Anyone placing racist material on this Forum may be committing a criminal offence, such as Incitement to Racial Hatred under the Race Relations Act. All details may therefore be passed on to the organisations that provide the computers from which that message has been sent access to the Internet.
    4.3 Do not post rude or abusive messages - including personal attacks on other Users, or denigration of the Moderators, Admin or other Time Inc. (UK) Ltd. employees, contractors and agents.
    4.4 Do not post defamatory or other insulting or inappropriate content (see clause 4.12).
    4.5 Anything that is placed onto the Forum must not infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any third party or breach any applicable laws.
    4.6 Users must not use this Forum for transmitting any "spam" or "junk mail" (including multiple similar/identical posts, messages or PMs), or any other form of solicitation of the forum membership (commercial, academic or otherwise).
    4.7 Users must not post onto the Forum anything that contains any software viruses or any other code, file, program designed to harm the function of any computer or telecommunications equipment, whether directly or linked.
    4.8 Users must not collect or store (or attempt to collect or store) any personal data that it may receive about other Users of the Forum through normal forum exchanges, via user profiles or by any other means.
    4.9 If under the age of 18 a User will need to obtain a parent or guardian's permission before posting anything onto the Forum. You should never reveal personal information about yourself, such as your email address, home address, telephone number, school, etc.
    4.10 Users should read the forum FAQs which carry a copy of these Terms & Conditions of Use and additional guidelines of forum use (updated from time to time).
    4.11 Users should also familiarise themselves with individual board 'stickies' and additional posting guidelines (updated from time to time).
    4.12 Content that would not ordinarily appear within the editorial pages of the printed magazines represented on the forum may be considered 'inappropriate' in relation to these Terms & Conditions of Use. Such content may include (but not be limited to) text or images, embedded or linked to elsewhere.

  • Clause 5 - Intellectual Property
  • 5.1 Time Inc. (UK) Ltd. reserves the right to re-use any submission to the Forum of in any format or media and in such ways as YBW sees fit. Users waive their moral rights to object to any derogatory treatment, or to be identified as the author of the submission in question.

  • Clause 6 - Termination
  • 6.1 If a User fails to adhere to these Terms & Conditions of Use, wider Terms & Conditions (linked to in clause 1.1 above) or sundry posting guidelines posted by it's contractors and employees on the forum, reserves the right to terminate the User's participation on the Forum.
    6.2 also reserves the right to terminate the User's participation on the Forum if their behaviour is deemed damaging or potentially damaging to the forum community or the brand.
    6.3 Users who posts defamatory, obscene, racial or otherwise offensive or inappropriate material on this Forum acknowledge that this may expose them to the risk of legal action (whether civil or criminal) being taken against them and/or their access to the forum terminated.
    6.4 Any User who has had their access to the forum denied and attempts to gain access may have further action taken against them, and/or reported to their ISP, and/or reported to the appropriate agency in relation to a possible offence under the Computer Misuse Act (1990).

  • Clause 7 - Disclaimers
  • 7.1 Please note that the Forum is not actively moderated and we therefore rely upon notifications from other Users, via the 'Report Post' function, regarding abuse of the Forum. We reserve the right to remove or edit any posting on the Forum that contravenes these Terms & Conditions of Use or other posting guidelines implicit or implied.
    7.2 Users of the Forum do so entirely at their own risk. As such, to the extent permitted by law, Users release Time Inc. (UK) Ltd., its directors, contractors and employees from all liability arising out of, or in connection with, the Forum and the material submitted to it by third parties.
    7.3 Problems or complaints should be highlighted either by using the 'Report Post' function, the 'Contact Us' form at the foot of each forum page, by PM to the Forum Admin Team, or emailed to the website editor. Particularly if you notice that any User is contravening these Terms & Conditions of Use.
    7.4 Users who wish to make suggestions about can do so via the Website News & Feedback board
    7.5 The views of Users of the Forum are not those of Time Inc. (UK) Ltd. or
    7.6 Inc. (UK) Ltd. reserve the right to amend these terms or additional Posting Guidelines without notice.

  • Clause 8 - Grievance Procedure
  • 8.1 Any queries or grievances concerning the management of the forum and/or the actions of the Community Moderators should be raised with the Forum Admin Team via PM, Contact Us form.
    8.2 Any queries or grievances concerning the actions of the Forum Admin Team should be raised via email to the web site editor.
    8.3 Users who raise such issues or post unwarranted criticisms of the management of the forum on open forum may have their accounts sanctioned.

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